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POS Retail Kiosks

Our team is comprised of a number of people representing an array of backgrounds including mill-working, retail design, metal fabrication, and electrical engineering. Collectively, our decades of experience deliver an innovative and intuitive product line of retail kiosks, concession carts and custom built food and beverage solutions, ranging from ultra modern hi-tech mobile coffee and food carts to display cases and retail kiosks. KTM offers its customers a gauntlet of interesting models geared to enhance your revenues while upgrading and beautifying your retail spaces.

Retail merchandiser kiosks, display cases, as well as outdoor carts, concession and mobile food carts are used to generate fresh revenue streams by introducing new points-of-sale to any given commercial space. KTMís carts, display cases and retail kiosks are generally implemented where a common storefront is infeasible. They may also be strategically deployed to take advantage of seasonal or changing customer traffic trends. Carts, display cases and retail kiosks will also relieve the burden of overworked POS stations by distributing workload which will increase customer sales by decreasing their wait times. Mobilize a powerful sales force of concession, mobile food, and outdoor coffee carts, retail merchandiser carts, display cases and retail kiosks throughout your facility.

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  • Custom Retail Kiosks
  • Concession Carts
  • Custom built Food & Beverage Solutions
  • Airports, Amusement Parks
  • Indoor/Outdoor Shopping Malls
  • Buffet areas and food courts
  • Whatever your needs are we can create a custom solution just for you!
  • Hi-tech Mobile Coffee & Food Carts
  • Display Cases
  • Outdoor Carts
  • POS Merchandise Carts
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Political Events
  • Boardwalks & Casinos
  • Display cases & racks
  • Custom Finishing & Refinishing